Community Development

Pin Laung Township, Taunggyi Township, Hsi Hseng Township, Hopone Township and Loi Lem Township which are the target areas of Kaung Rwai, are located in Southern Shan State. Shan State has most diverse ethnic groups in Myanmar and has encountered a range of problems. Of particular importance are chronic arm conflicts, production and use of drugs such as opium, heroin and Methamphetamine and a lack of rule of law. The target areas of Kaung Rwai also faced similar problems.

Approaches of Community Development

Kaung Rwai is focusing on Rule of Law and deduction of poverty for community development. Kaung Rwai strongly consider about people participation to implement those issues. 

Need Assessment

Found Village CSOs


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywher”

Martin Luther King JR.

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